- Production designer always has to be
one step forward.
(Gintarė, participant)

Our heroes

Reykjavik, 2017

Production Designer
ALLAN STARSKI - Production Designer

He is acknowledged Polish production designer, who worked with the world-known directors such as Steven Spielberg and Roman Polanski. Allan Starski has more than 40 movie titles he worked with as the production designer. The credits of his films are simply mind-blowing: “The Schindler’s List”, “The Pianist”, “Escape From Sobibor”, “Euro Trip”, “Oliver Twist”, “Young Hannibal”, “The Cut”, “Europa, Europa” and the endless list of others. Allan’s talent and experience are invaluable. His mastered work and precise skills did not go unnoticed. Allan Starski’s undeniable love to the film making has been rightfully recognized by the international community. On his shelves one can find Oscar, Emmie, BAFTA, Los Angeles Film Critic Association’s, French “Ceasar” and Polish “Eagle” awards. Obviously, he is a person, who does not lack professional advices, helpful insights, inspiring experiences and true talent. Allan Starski believes that the mission of the set design is to make a viewer believe in the authenticity of the world that appears in front of him. “Even if the world is science fiction, it still has to look real” - says Mr. Allan Starski and we just cannot agree more. “And in primary school I planned not to go into my father’s footsteps. I ended up at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts [...] convinced that I would never work in the film industry. After graduating I finally realized that all this time I was battling with myself”

Set Decorator

Being from a small town in Wales Claire Nia Richards always dreamed to broaden her horizons and spread her wings. Though she studied Film and Photography and specialized in photography, today she is a remarkable person in the entertainment industry and a professional Set Decorator. After finishing Playmouth College of Art, Richards went to London with an intention to find a job in film production companies. Her desire was soon fulfilled as she was taken on as a runner by Carnival Films. “My first love was with drawing and being creative. I knew little of the Art Department until the Producer let me flee the nest and I started on one of his TV Dramas. This was the beginning – a long hard slog of insane hours and at times unsavory conditions and locations – but I was hooked” – Richards remembers early days of her career. Throughout artist’s experience, she has worked with some incredibly talented people on stunning projects - she has been highly involved in commercials, movies, TV projects and dramas. Over the years, Claire Nia Richards has more than 20 movie titles where she worked in art department mostly as set decorator or as an assistant set decorator. Among most known movies one can find "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace" directed by George Lucas, "A Bunch of Amateurs" directed by Andy Caddiff, “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” directed by Guy Ritchie, “A Little Chaos” directed by Alan Rickman, “The Theory Of Everything” directed by James Marsh and many more. In 2015 Richards was nominated for an award at the 19th Annual Art Directors Guild as a set decorator for “The Theory Of Everything”. Considering the industry Richards has chosen, she says it is tough at times but incredibly worthwhile. “I feel privileged and grateful to those who believed in me and gave me the opportunity to develop and grow”.  

Production Designer & Art Director
LUDOVICA FERRARIO - Production Designer & Art Director
(Photo Credit - Raffaela Conti)

Ludovica Ferrario was born and raised in a picturesque and visually inspiring Rome. An ever-present interest in the relationship between space and psychology led her to a degree in Architecture and to the moving image as the means to express her on-going research. Such degree gave her a unique gift: to use the real architecture in the service of the unreal, or even surreal. Cinema is not only a workplace for Ludovica Ferrario. She truly believes in it and seeks to fully use it as the expressive means of narration. Skilled interplay of light and shadow and emotion through aesthetics, a game with newly created spaces are the major elements used to give service to narration. 
Ludovica Ferrario acquired the invaluable experience as Production Designer and Art Director working with the important and distinctive directors such as Wim Wenders, Abbas Kiarostami and Paolo Sorrentino. Talking about her work with Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino she agrees that it is always a professional challenge. Her latest movie “Youth” is all about demonstration that a real architectural space can become somewhere different in space and time through cinema. Her creative portfolio proves that there are simply no limits using the moving image to tell the story. Ludovica Ferrario imprinted her talent into “Tea With Mussolini”, “Titus” at her very beginning, “Il Caimano”, “Palermo Shooting”, “La Nostra Vita”, “Copie Conforme”, “The Great Beauty” and “Youth”, which brought her the nomination as Best Production Designer for the Nastro d'Argento Award 2015 and the Nomination for the David di Donatello Award 2016. Ludovica is now about to start a new collaboration with Paolo Sorrentino after their last work together on "The Young Pope". 

Costume designer
PACO DELGADO - Costume designer

Paco Delgado is a world famous costume designer from Lanzarote, Canarian Island. At the beginning of his career, Delgado used to design theater sets, but today he is internationally recognized in film industry. He has collaborated with directors such as Pedro Almódovar, Alejandro González Iñárritu, M.Night Shyamalan, Tom Hooper and others. His exceptional talent in designing has been awarded many times. He was nominated for an Oscar and a BAFTA for his work in “Les Misérables” in 2013 and, and won two Goya awards in 2013 and 2014. In 2016 Spanish designer was nominated for an Oscar once again – this time for creating fabulous outfits, some of which were transgender, for “The Danish Girl”. Delgado is also recognized for his work on the 2010 film “Biutiful” starring Javier Bardem and the 2011 film “The Skin I Live In”, directed by Pedro Almodóvar.Delgado has a serious approach to every assignment he has been given. Instead of just designing the costumes, he strives to reflect the development of the character through them. According to the designer creating for film industry is always a complex process between actors, directors, audience and himself.  In one of his latest interviews about creating for “The Danish Girl” Delgado wonders how many people think that the costumes just appear on set by miracle, or the actors bring them from home. ,, Costume design is a very artistic process. […] Nowadays is just us, that we work for shows and haute couture—we are the only people I think probably in the world that we still do costumes in a crafty way”.