- Production designer always has to be
one step forward.
(Gintarė, participant)

Our heroes

Vilnius, 2018

Production Designer
MARIA DJURKOVIC - Production Designer

Production designer Maria Djurkovic’s diverse body of work showcases her keen attention to period detail and a distinct perspective on the global landscape.

Djurkovic is currently designing The Little Drummer Girl for Park Chan Wook. her second venture into the world of Le Carré, after Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Last year, she spent 10 months in Budapest working with Francis Lawrence on Red Sparrow starring Jennifer Lawrence. She recently reunited with Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy director Tomas Alfredson for The Snowman. Filmed entirely in Oslo and rural Norway, The Snowman stars Michael Fassbender and Rebecca Ferguson.

For Stephen Gaghan’s Gold, starring Matthew McConaughey, Djurkovic created a gold prospecting facility in the wilds of Indonesia, and re-created early 1980s New York City.

Luca Guadagnino’s A Bigger Splash brought Djurkovic and actors Tilda Swinton, Matthias Schoenaerts, Ralph Fiennes, and Dakota Johnson to a remote villa on the Italian coast. A Bigger Splash was met with critical praise upon its debut at the Venice Film Festival in 2015.

Djurkovic was nominated for an Academy Award, BAFTA and Art Director’s Guild Award for Morten Tyldum’s The Imitation Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley. Tomas Alfredson’s widely acclaimed adaptation of John LeCarre’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy garnered BAFTA and Art Director’s Guild nominations for Djurkovic’s design and won her the European Film Award. Djurkovic also received Art Director’s Guild Award nominations for Stephen Daldry’s beloved The Hours and Billy Elliot.

Djurkovic’s additional production design credits include Mira Nair’s Vanity Fair; Christine Jeffs’s Sylvia; Woody Allen’s Scoop and Cassandra’s Dream; Phyllida Lloyd’s blockbuster Mamma Mia!; Peter Howitt’s Sliding Doors; Brian Gilbert’s Wilde; The Invisible Woman for director Ralph Fiennes; and Benjamin Ross’s The Young Prisoner’s Handbook.

For television, Djurkovic earned an Emmy nomination for HBO’s “RKO 281,” starring Liev Schreiber and directed by Benjamin Ross.

In 2016, Djurkovic proudly accepted an honorary fellowship from Oxford University’s Worcester College, Djurkovic’s alma mater. In 2002, Djurkovic was honored with the Women in Film and Television Technical Achievement Award.

Production Designer
ONDREJ NEKVASIL - Production Designer

Ondrej Nekvasil is an award-winning production designer. He was born and grew up in the Czech Republic. There he firstly graduated Architecture studies at The Czech Technical University in Prague and later got the master degree in Film Stage Design at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

At the beginning of his career, Nekvasil had many theater stage design projects. He made his career on the screen step by step and today his credits include "The Illusionist" (2006), "Underworld 5" (2016), "Snowpiercer" (2013), "Unlocked" (2017), such TV shows as "Crossing Lines" (2014), „Missing" (2012) and many other excellent features. He has collaborated with Anna Foerster, Joon-ho Bong, Neil Burger, Michael Apted and many other famous names from film and TV industry.

Nekvasil's talent and devotion to production design have won him not only critical acclaim but also many awards. In 2001, he was a winner at the Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Art Direction for a Miniseries „Anne Frank: The Whole Story". In 2003, he was awarded at Asia-Pacific Film Festival, Buil Film Awards and Grand Bell Awards for his work at „Snowpiercer". He is also a multiple times nominee at the Czech Lions. Nekvasil is also a lecturer at The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague where he teaches Film and TV design.

Production Designer
ULI HANISCH - Production Designer

Uli Hanisch, born in Nuremberg. Studying graphic arts in Düsseldorf, he began his collaboration with Christoph Schlingensief on experimental films as The German Chainsaw Massacre and designed movies of Germany’s exceptional comedian Helge Schneider.

Working in several European art departments and designed various German feature films, he collaborated many times with Tom Tykwer and has been awarded with German and European Film awards for best production design for The Perfume and Cloud Atlas. Over the last years he has worked mainly for international feature film projects all over Europe. Last year he designed the German series Babylon Berlin for SKY and the ARD.

Hanisch is lecturing at film schools all over Germany. Since 2018 he is professor for production design at the International Film School (ifs) in Cologne.

Production Designer
VICTOR MOLERO - Production Designer

Victor Molero was born of the old artisan family of Granada, Andalusia. Since the early years he has been surrounded by the creative people, crafts, art and almost literally was raised in the furniture workshop. Family and the life in the picturesque and architecturally diverse Granada inspired him to begin his Fine Arts studies in Madrid. At the same time Victor Molero enrolled for a course in the Royal School of Theatre.

Being not sure at first, he started his career both in theatre and cinema. Step by step movie sets became the place, where all Victor‘s best ideas were born. Victor Molero chose to stick with the movie art department and employed the moving images for convincing visual storytelling.

As a production designer Victor Molero collaborated on more than 22 movies as a production designer and in 9 films as an art director. Knowledge in Spanish language and background gave him a chance to start working with such Spanish directors as Julio Medem, Rodrigo Cortes, Iciar Bollain and Pedro Almodovar.

In 2001 Victor Molero was Almodovar‘s movie‘s „Talk to Her“ set decorator, after 3 years he was offered an art director‘s chair in „Bad Education“ and in 2009 Victor became a production designer for Almodovar‘s film „Broken Embraces“. „Talk to Her“ was nominated for more than 40 awards worldwide and won a Golden Globe in the „Best Foreign Language Film“ category and an Oscar for the best writing. For the last 6 years Victor Molero has been working for BBC productions in UK. As a production designer he contributed to 16 TV films and a few features „The Go-Between“ (2014), „The Rack Pack“ (2015) and „City of Tiny Lights“ (2016).

Victor Molero believes that the last years has been the most prolific period of his entire career and is not willing to stop. Three of his latest movies are still on their way to the screens: „Down a Dark Hall“ by a director Rodrigo Cortes, „Beats“ by Brian Welsh and „The Kill Team“ by Dan Krauss.

Vilnius, 2017

Construction Coordinator & Production Designer
ANDERS ENGELBRECHT - Construction Coordinator & Production Designer

One thing is to imagine an entirely new world for a movie, but the other is to know how to make that fantasy come true. Anders Engelbrecht is the exact person, who has the measures to construct, reconstruct, deconstruct, time travel and bring ideas to life right at the shooting site.

Anders Engelbrecht already has 30 years of experience in his account. He has been working with design sets, installations and decorations for films, museums, TV and theatre. In the mid-90s Anders Engelbrecht realised how rapidly grows the visual industry and the raising importance of perfect design sets. So, he established a company Engelbrecht Construction A/S and provides scenography solutions of all sizes for the production houses for the last 25 years. A company has around 50 specialised employers: architects, designers, project managers, technicians and craftsmen with a strong desire to focus on any task from its’ initial point to the finalisation.

Anders Engelbrecht is also a founder and co-owner of both large and small film production citadel - Filmstationen. This 30,000 square meters creative business area is located outside the Copenhagen in the old military airbase of Værløse and provides the filmmakers with any necessary facilities.

In addition to this, Anders Engelbrecht also works as a production designer for Danish film. He has proved the importance of art department in such feature films as “Smila’s Sense of Snow” (directed by Bille August), “I Am Dina” (directed by Ole Bornedal), “Simon & the Oaks” (directed by Lisa Ohlin), “Deliver Us from Evil” (directed by Ole Bornedal). Last two brought him nominations for a Danish Robert Award for The Best Production Design and a Swedish Guldbagge Award for The Best Design Set.

His in-depth experience in construction and set design, shooting site know-how and long years of hard work with acknowledged partners in Scandinavia allow him to share the understanding not only how to imagine the undiscovered worlds of cinema, but how to actually realise these ideas no matter how impossible they might seem.

VFX Art Director / Art Director
CLAIRE FLEMING - VFX Art Director / Art Director

Claire Fleming is an outstanding film sector’s artist from London, United Kingdom. She has been working in art departments of films for over ten years. Her career achievements are astonishing as Fleming has been working with such films like ,,Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (2015), ,,Sherlock Holmes: a game of shadows” (2011), ,, Jason Bourne” (2016) and many others. Her latest movies are just about to come – she has been working as visual effects art director on ,,Ready Player One” (2018) directed by Steven Spielberg and as art director on ,,Tomb Raider” (2018) directed by Roar Uthaug. Fleming had an opportunity to collaborate with some of the best professionals and has been improving her skills in most successful movies. ,,I have had the pleasure to learn from some of the most talented film makers in the industry. Paying attention to every department and absorbing knowledge inspired me to grasp new technologies and techniques applying software advances from VFX and using them early in pre production to help aid designers and directors to see their visions come to life before the camera rolls“, - explains Fleming, proving her sophisticated approach to every single assigment she gets.

Special Effects Supervisor / Art Director / Production Designer
EGGERT KETILSSON - Special Effects Supervisor / Art Director / Production Designer

Eggert Ketilsson is a well-known production designer, art director and a special effects supervisor. He was born and raised in Iceland and after ten years of film work he went to study at the The Northen Film School, in the United Kingdom, where he got a production designer´s post graduate diploma. Today Ketilsson is one of Iceland’s most experienced artists in the world of cinema.

At the beginning of his career, Ketilsson worked a lot with movies closely revealing nature, such as „Devil‘s Island“ (1996) ,,On Top Down Under“ (2000). Later his work led him to many other well known movies and today his filmography impressive.

His latest job as supervising art director on Christophers Nolans ,Dunkirk” (2017), is the third film Ketilsson works on with Nolan. The first movie was ,,Batman Begins” (2005) – where a part was filmed in Iceland. Ketilsson joined as the art director of this part and that is how he came to know Nolan and his designer Nathan Crowley. Some years later Nolan and Crowley scouted Iceland for the planetary locations for his film Interstellar (2014) and asked Ketilsson to join as the art director for the planet section of the film. His experience of working with sets facing the elements of nature, play one of the reasons Nolan wanted him to join ,,Dunkirk” that was released recently and is already mentioned as a masterpiece.

Besides his good collaboration with Nolan, Ketilsson has worked on other well known movies, such as ,,The secret life of Walter Mitty” (2013) directed by Ben Stiller, ,,Lara Croft: Tomb Rider” (2001) directed by Simon West, ,,Prometheus“(2012) directed by Ridley Scott, „Rouge one“ (2016) directed by Gareth Edwards , „Flags of our fathers“ (2006) directed by Clint Eastwood, Journey to the Center of the Earth“ (2008) directed by Eric Brevig and many other well known titles.

Production Designer / Art Director
FLEUR WHITLOCK - Production Designer / Art Director

Since she graduated her BA in Fine Arts at Exeter College of Art & Design, Fleur Whitlock has started moving forward to the strange depths of cinema, developing her professional skills. She begun with an opportunity to work for Forkbeard Fantasy, an incredibly innovative theatre company, which included videos & films into their shows. She earned her trustworthy reputation after working on some of the most well-respected TV series including “Inspector Morse”, “Love Hurts”, “Kavanagh Qc”, “The Lakes”, 40 episodes of “The Bill” and others. Fleur Whitlock has a unique know-how, which she has been building up while working around the globe with a variety productions. This inspiring list includes BBC drama documentary series “Discovering Ancient Egypt” filmed entirely on location in Egypt and “Krod Mandoon & Flaming Sword of Fire” shot in Budapest for Comedy Central. Geography of her work places expands to South Africa, Namibia, Russia, Slovenia, Italy and Romania. Perhaps the most challenging of her foreign assignments was to design domestically produced soap opera Kazakhstan modelled on the BBC’s “East Enders Her feature film experience is also stunning, covering such diverse productions as “Churchill: The Hollywood Years” directed by Comic Strip creator Peter Richardson, “Love & Death On Long Island” and an adaptation of “Heidi”. Also the epic “10,000 BC” directed by Roland Emmerich. As Supervising Art Director on “The Libertine”, starring Johnny Depp, John Malkovich and Samantha Morton, Fleur Whitlock had a task to recreate a 17th Century Restoration theatre and many period sets on location. For so many times she and Grenville Horner had been working together on long and short length BBC projects, comedy and drama series. Fleur Whitlock is also acknowledged as a skilled academic, regularly running Production Design modules at the London Film School and has taught technical drawing at Wimbledon School of Art. We suggest you to check Fleur's IMDB profile.

Production Designer
GRENVILLE HORNER - Production Designer

Grenville Horner is a true professional of production design field. Before going freelance to work across film and television, he graduated Royal College of Art in London and had a vast experience working for the world’s biggest broadcasting service - BBC. Grenville Horner’s portfolio is rich and extensive, proving his eternal passion to build completely new worlds. His features include Bob Sprier’s “Spice World”, “My Son The Fanatic” with director Udayan Prasad, “Ali G In Da House” for Working Title Films and Mel Smith’s “Black Ball”, starring Rhys Iffans. His television credits include a three part period drama adapted from the novel by Patric Hamilton “20000 Streets Under The Sky” and three series of “The League of Gentlemen”, which brought him a Royal Television Society Award for the Best Production Design. Prior to designing “Alien Autopsy”, Grenville worked on “Blackpool” for which he received BAFTA nomination for the Best Production Design again. Grenville Horner is highly successful, working on BBC series - designing for “Jane Eyre” mini- series resulted in Emmy Award for the Best Production Design in 2007. His project list is endless with serious and acknowledged movie titles. Recently he has been working on “Episodes”, “Rev”, “The Syndicate”, “The Harry Hill Movie”, “The Eichmann Show” and others. Nevertheless, this great production designer is looking forward to share his intense experience with the younger colleagues of the art department field. We suggest you to check Grenville's IMDB profile.

Production Designer
JON BUNKER - Production Designer

Born in Eritrea, brought up in Kenya and Arabia, Jon started his working life back in Britain in the 60's first as an Aeronautical Engineer before becoming an Architect. A chance encounter introduced him to the world of films, first in Special Effects in the mid 70's (before the era of CGI), where he rose to become a SFX Supervisor, gaining a Saturn nomination for his work on Terry Gilliam's 'Time Bandits'. Because a lot of his work involved designing tricky things and providing concept art, he found himself being asked more regularly to work as an Art Director by a few Directors, and much preferred this aspect of film making. After designing numerous award-winning commercials, he was asked to design his first film in 1986, and has not stopped since, gaining a BAFTA nomination along the way for 'The Woman In Black'. Jon has designed films ranging in budget from under $1million to over $100 million, and thinks himself so fortunate to be able to immerse himself in a job he loves, particularly enjoying getting involved at a very early stage with scripts and ideas. He is a regular concept designer for Directors such as Ridley Scott and Alfonso Cuaron. Despite being asked to direct several times, he always returns to his first love of design, although he still occasionally directs second unit, particularly if it involves interesting FX and stunts, and his knowledge of Post Production, particularly CGI, has become an increasing part of his work.

Production Designer / Architect
LASZLO RAJK - Production Designer / Architect

László Rajk believes that every architect must try designing film sets, because they would learn the most important thing: how to cheat with perspectives, with lines and with forms. Only then one can design any world he imagines. This is what he teaches his students about at the University of Theatre and Film in Budapest. His personal story itself reminds of a good movie. László Rajk was a human rights activist, co-founder of an underground publishing house, owner of an illegal bookstore, a former parliamentarian, a devoted architect and a Hungarian avantgarde member. His priceless experience allowed him to realise striking and unconventional architectural projects as well as to take a part as a production designer or art director in more than 60 film sets.  In 2015 László Rajk’s designed feature movie “Son of Saul” was introduced to the global community. So far, it has received 37 awards and 34 nominations, including Golden Globe in the Best Motion Picture-Foreign Language Film Category for Production Design and Oscar for The Best Foreign Language Film. In that year László Rajk received the Art Directors Guild Honors - excellence in production design for a contemporary feature film: The Martian directed by Ridley Scott. László Rajk does not distinguish film directors by their achievements and as an artist rooted into avantgarde, he often chooses to work for independent cinema and projects of early- stage filmmakers. At the beginning of his carrier, he worked as an art director with Costa Gavras movie “The Music Box”, and twenty years later with the one of the most acknowledged Hungarian director Bela Tarr on his last two movies “Man from London” and “The Turin Horse”, but was the production designer for the very first movie of László Nemes “With A Little Patient”. With László Nemes they recently finished shooting “Sunset”, which takes place in 1913 in Budapest.

VFX Coordinator

Born in Florence (Italy), Luigi always wanted to be part of big feature film productions. He attempted a Secondary Art School and moved to Berlin to study at the Art University “Berlin-Weissensee” to improve the basics of traditional art and design. After his degree 2010, he studied VFX at the university “Mediadesign-Hochschule” in Berlin, where he specialized in Lighting, Rendering and Pipeline Design.

His way to the VFX industry started in a post productions house in Hamburg as a 3D Generalist Intern for commercials. To avoid overtime and weekend work during production, he started engaging more and more on scheduling, production management and workflows. He published several articles for the German magazine “Digital Production”, about the pipeline and the workflows of his student projects. The new experience made on production side brought him to the topic of his B.A. thesis. After one year in commercials Luigi moved to the game industry where he managed the Corporate Art team of Goodgame Studios. His focus was still optimizing systems to facilitate the workload of the artists. In the last two years as VFX Coordinator at Trixter, Luigi worked on international feature films like “Captain America – Civil War” (2016), “Independence Day 2” (2016), “Spiderman – Homecoming” (2017), “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2” (2017) and German productions as well. Data wrangling on set, coordinating production for TV series like “Fear the walking dead” (2016) and several commercials, were part of his work as well. Since 2016, he helped rising up the new Berlin studio for Trixter, by optimizing and renewing workflows.

Right now Luigi is Resource and Technology Coordinator at Trixter, managing the pipeline team and working with production to improve the project management tools and is still focusing on making work easier for artists and production members.

Reykjavik, 2017

Production Designer
ALLAN STARSKI - Production Designer

He is acknowledged Polish production designer, who worked with the world-known directors such as Steven Spielberg and Roman Polanski. Allan Starski has more than 40 movie titles he worked with as the production designer. The credits of his films are simply mind-blowing: “The Schindler’s List”, “The Pianist”, “Escape From Sobibor”, “Euro Trip”, “Oliver Twist”, “Young Hannibal”, “The Cut”, “Europa, Europa” and the endless list of others. Allan’s talent and experience are invaluable. His mastered work and precise skills did not go unnoticed. Allan Starski’s undeniable love to the film making has been rightfully recognized by the international community. On his shelves one can find Oscar, Emmie, BAFTA, Los Angeles Film Critic Association’s, French “Ceasar” and Polish “Eagle” awards. Obviously, he is a person, who does not lack professional advices, helpful insights, inspiring experiences and true talent. Allan Starski believes that the mission of the set design is to make a viewer believe in the authenticity of the world that appears in front of him. “Even if the world is science fiction, it still has to look real” - says Mr. Allan Starski and we just cannot agree more. “And in primary school I planned not to go into my father’s footsteps. I ended up at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts [...] convinced that I would never work in the film industry. After graduating I finally realized that all this time I was battling with myself”

Set Decorator

Being from a small town in Wales Claire Nia Richards always dreamed to broaden her horizons and spread her wings. Though she studied Film and Photography and specialized in photography, today she is a remarkable person in the entertainment industry and a professional Set Decorator. After finishing Playmouth College of Art, Richards went to London with an intention to find a job in film production companies. Her desire was soon fulfilled as she was taken on as a runner by Carnival Films. “My first love was with drawing and being creative. I knew little of the Art Department until the Producer let me flee the nest and I started on one of his TV Dramas. This was the beginning – a long hard slog of insane hours and at times unsavory conditions and locations – but I was hooked” – Richards remembers early days of her career. Throughout artist’s experience, she has worked with some incredibly talented people on stunning projects - she has been highly involved in commercials, movies, TV projects and dramas. Over the years, Claire Nia Richards has more than 20 movie titles where she worked in art department mostly as set decorator or as an assistant set decorator. Among most known movies one can find "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace" directed by George Lucas, "A Bunch of Amateurs" directed by Andy Caddiff, “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” directed by Guy Ritchie, “A Little Chaos” directed by Alan Rickman, “The Theory Of Everything” directed by James Marsh and many more. In 2015 Richards was nominated for an award at the 19th Annual Art Directors Guild as a set decorator for “The Theory Of Everything”. Considering the industry Richards has chosen, she says it is tough at times but incredibly worthwhile. “I feel privileged and grateful to those who believed in me and gave me the opportunity to develop and grow”.  

Production Designer & Art Director
LUDOVICA FERRARIO - Production Designer & Art Director
(Photo Credit - Raffaela Conti)

Ludovica Ferrario was born and raised in a picturesque and visually inspiring Rome. An ever-present interest in the relationship between space and psychology led her to a degree in Architecture and to the moving image as the means to express her on-going research. Such degree gave her a unique gift: to use the real architecture in the service of the unreal, or even surreal. Cinema is not only a workplace for Ludovica Ferrario. She truly believes in it and seeks to fully use it as the expressive means of narration. Skilled interplay of light and shadow and emotion through aesthetics, a game with newly created spaces are the major elements used to give service to narration. 
Ludovica Ferrario acquired the invaluable experience as Production Designer and Art Director working with the important and distinctive directors such as Wim Wenders, Abbas Kiarostami and Paolo Sorrentino. Talking about her work with Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino she agrees that it is always a professional challenge. Her latest movie “Youth” is all about demonstration that a real architectural space can become somewhere different in space and time through cinema. Her creative portfolio proves that there are simply no limits using the moving image to tell the story. Ludovica Ferrario imprinted her talent into “Tea With Mussolini”, “Titus” at her very beginning, “Il Caimano”, “Palermo Shooting”, “La Nostra Vita”, “Copie Conforme”, “The Great Beauty” and “Youth”, which brought her the nomination as Best Production Designer for the Nastro d'Argento Award 2015 and the Nomination for the David di Donatello Award 2016. Ludovica is now about to start a new collaboration with Paolo Sorrentino after their last work together on "The Young Pope". 

Costume designer
PACO DELGADO - Costume designer

Paco Delgado is a world famous costume designer from Lanzarote, Canarian Island. At the beginning of his career, Delgado used to design theater sets, but today he is internationally recognized in film industry. He has collaborated with directors such as Pedro Almódovar, Alejandro González Iñárritu, M.Night Shyamalan, Tom Hooper and others. His exceptional talent in designing has been awarded many times. He was nominated for an Oscar and a BAFTA for his work in “Les Misérables” in 2013 and, and won two Goya awards in 2013 and 2014. In 2016 Spanish designer was nominated for an Oscar once again – this time for creating fabulous outfits, some of which were transgender, for “The Danish Girl”. Delgado is also recognized for his work on the 2010 film “Biutiful” starring Javier Bardem and the 2011 film “The Skin I Live In”, directed by Pedro Almodóvar.Delgado has a serious approach to every assignment he has been given. Instead of just designing the costumes, he strives to reflect the development of the character through them. According to the designer creating for film industry is always a complex process between actors, directors, audience and himself.  In one of his latest interviews about creating for “The Danish Girl” Delgado wonders how many people think that the costumes just appear on set by miracle, or the actors bring them from home. ,, Costume design is a very artistic process. […] Nowadays is just us, that we work for shows and haute couture—we are the only people I think probably in the world that we still do costumes in a crafty way”.